Subject of the Business
> Design and Project Work
> Software Work
> Installation and Erection Work
> Service Work
> Switchboard Production
> Production, Modification and Processing of Mechanical Components
> Specialist Inspections and Specialist Testing
Main Areas of Activities
Operation Approvals and Permits



Design and Project Work

Regula Kosice – Joint Stock Company employs educated and trained specialists for design and project work. They are holders of all necessary certificates, in accordance with the Slovak Republic legislation, for all pertinent areas of Control and Management Systems of Technological Processes (Systém Kontroly a Riadenia - SKR) and NN switchgear.


Extent of Design and Project Work:

  • Complete design and project documentation regarding to low-current and distribution systems up to 1,000 V
  • Project documentation for switchboard up to 1,000 V
  • Switchboard construction drawings
  • Actual manufacturing documentation
  • Manuals for Operation Regulations
  • Long term electronic data storage
  • Formatting documentation in accordance with the customer’s requirement
  • Desktop graphic reproduction services associated with design and project work

Design and projects are prepared, as a matter of norm, in ELCAD program and delivered to the customers, either or both, in classical and digital forms. Upon request by the customer the documentation can be also delivered in AUTOCAD program and the text in MICROSOF WORD or EXCEL programs.


Software Work

Regula Kosice – Joint Stock Company offers services of its programming team with abundant experience for specific applications, ranging up to 15,000 entries/exits. The said team is able to handle the following software activities and services:

  • Solution analysis and creation of algorithms in accordance with the customer’s orders.
  • Creation of applicable software in development environment of particular control system in the following areas: Implementation of program accouterment and records (MODBUS, TCP/IP, PROFIBUS DP)
  • FAT of the program provision
  • Control system resurrection, testing of entry/exit and communication lines
  • In–situ debugging of program accouterment, if required also during night shifts and weekends
  • Adjustment of regulator circuit settings
  • Attendance during testing
  • Documentation for program tools and operation regulations
  • Documentation pursuant to final position of program tools
  • Training of service personnel
  • Attendance during the test operations
  • Provision of warranty and post-warranty services
  • Creation of applied software comprises:

    1. Sequential control of technological processes
    2. Continuos regulation and alignment of technological processes
    3. Batch programs
    4. Visual program facilities
    5. Forecasting program facilities
    6. Auditing and economic calculations
    7. Data storage and trend evidencing

Installation and Erection Work

Installation and erection work is carried out by our technical personnel in accordance with our own project documentation, including installation and erection technology; or alternatively by projects of third parties without technological support, in accordance with the customer’s requirements. All our employees are holders of permits to carry out relevant activities in accordance with and subject to legislation of the Slovak Republic.

Mechanical Installation and Erection:

  • Installation of detectors and transducers for technological values
  • Erection of mechanical parts of the equipment
  • Installation of regulating instruments
  • Erection of switchboard and switchboard cubicles
  • Installation of cable ways including laying of cables
  • Erection of impulse tubing
  • Connection of impulse tubing to transducers
  • Testing leak proof tightness of impulse tubing
  • Erection of supporting structures and carrying elements
  • Welding work
  • Surface finish
  • Fabrication of fire protective diaphragms

Electric Installation and Erection:

  • Electrical connection of detectors and transducers of technological measures
  • Electrical connection of instrument accouterment
  • Electrical connection of regulating instruments and their line-up
  • Electrical connection of switchboard and switchboard cubicles
  • Electrical connection of cable distributors
  • checking of electrical connections in accordance with project documentation
  • Individual testing of measuring and controlling circuits complete with issuance of testing reports and certificates


Service Work

Service work within the framework of warranty and post-warranty provision of service:

  • Service inspections and repairs
  • Preventive inspections
  • Pressure proofing examination – detector and pressure differential setting
  • Inspection and setting of temperature transducers
  • Hot line telephone consultation service pursuant to technical problems
  • Problem diagnostics
  • Alternative solution
  • Problem elimination

Regula Kosice – Joint Stock Company is the only organization in the Slovak Republic, which provides service of low-voltage 3WL circuit breakers up to current loading of 3200 A.


Switchboard Production

Regula Kosice – Joint Stock Company has within its premises an established switchboard production. The switchboards are produced in accordance with the wishes of the customer in various finishes.

Mechanical Fabrication:

  • The type – tested SIVACON 8PT switchboard is produced under the license from SIEMENS Corporation
  • Type switchboards, for example RITTAL
  • Custom made switchboards in accordance with project documentation supplied by the customer or in accordance with our own project documentation
  • Switchboard Cubicles
  • Control panels

Used Materials:

  • Enameled or powder sprayed steel plates
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel

Electrical instrumentation equipment is mounted in accordance with the project documentation, supplied by the customer and there is no limitation whatsoever as to the selection of the supplier of electrical instrumentation equipment.

Surface finish:

  • Powder layer
  • Wet coating
  • Galvanic metal plating

Degrees of Shielding:

  • IP30, IP40, IP42 for cubicles with natural ventilation
  • IP40, IP54 for cubicles without ventilation


Type - Tested SIVACON Switboard

Regula Kosice – Joint Stock Company is in a commercial partnership with Siemens Corporation and has a purchased license to produce an universal low – voltage switchboards SIVACON 8PT, which is evidenced by testing reports and certification (CE) about type testing. The aforesaid guarantees, the high quality and safety of the switchgear while maintaining competitive pricing of the final product. Concurrently the Management of the Company is planning to expand the licensing agreement to include new typical product lines.

The SIVACON switchboard is a type – tested (TTA) low-voltage switchboard, which can be used as a main or alternatively as a distribution switchboard of electrical energy. The SIVACON switchboard is a product of SIEMENS Corporation and Regula Kosice – Joint Stock Company, subsequent to purchase of the license, acts as a “SIVACON Technology Partner”. Because the switchboard can be part of various technological processes (generation of heat, steam, electrical energy; production of steel, glass, chemicals; extraction of gas, coal and etc.), it is therefore considered as a Class “A” electrical equipment.

Modular Technology

Each SIVACON is grouped from standardized and type marked modules. All modules comply with Siemens construction specifications.

The modular technology facilitates optimal adaptation of SIVACON to any requirements.

Standard horizontal busbars are located on the top of the cubicle.

Any component can be installed in the instrumentation compartments regardless to busbar positions or depth of the cubicle.

Depending upon requirements it is possible to separate functional units (form 1 to 4 in accordance with IEC 60439-1).

Instrumentation compartments are sufficiently deep.
It is possible to mount the switchboard on the wall or as free standing.
Cables and busbars can be lead-in from the top or from the bottom.
Cable tray compartments are located, either in the front or the back.
Good access to busbars is assured.

Frame and Covers

The frame consists from solid steel plate sections, which are joined together. Dimensionally exact and solid SIVACON frame is available, either, in bolted or welded versions. The frame is perforated by series of 25 mm holes to facilitate individual installation.
The door system is flexible for all needs.
Opening angle of the doors is up to 180°.
Spring-loaded locks safely protect the door from accidental or unintentional opening.
The upper covers are designed with the possibility of pressure release.

Surface finish:

There are options of powder layer, wet coating or galvanic metal plating.


Frame and the cubicle are made from steel plates with the following thickness:
Frame: 2,5mm
Box - cabinet: 2,0mm

The degree of protection is in accordance with IEC 60529IP30, IP40, IP42 for cubicles with natural ventilation and by IP40, IP54 for cubicles without ventilation.


Variable Busbar System

  • SIVACON offers modules for economical adjustment and high degree of safety.
  • The main busbars are always located on the top.
  • The busbar system is designed for rated currents up 7400 A.
  • The rated currents are graded by their usage.
  • The maximum rated peak withstand current Ipk is up to 375 kA
  • The busbar sections are divided from the equipment compartment.
  • Joints of the transmission units are easily accessible from the top.

Rated currents at temperature of the surrounding environment 35 °C


Phase Leads

(L1, L2, L3)

Number, Dimensions [mm]



Not ventilated


Ipk / Ipw


Cabinet Height


Cabinet Width mm]

2 x 100 x 10

3 x 100 x 10









600, 800, 1000

800, 1000, 1200

3 x 100 x 10

3 x 100 x 10





800, 1000, 1200



Type cabinet with power breaker: FCB1, FCB2, FCB3, BC

Feeding, lead-out and joining cubicles of power breakers are equipped with removable or permanently installed breakers 3WN, 3WL, 3VL.
High degree of safety is achieved because of Type Testing Modules (TTA)
Test and disconnect positions are solved with closed doors.
The breakers are integrated into separate compartments, where each one is equipped with independent door.
Optimal conditions of connection are secured for ale ranges of rated currents.
Cable connection is possible, either from the top or the bottom.
Permanently mounted and removable breakers Siemens 3WN, 3WL, 3VL are used for ranges of rated currents from 630 A to 6300 A. This means that:

  • free selection of feeding direction without any limitations whatsoever, as far as, technical data is concerned.
  • possibility of short term high current loading peak with time graded shielding against shorting up to 500ms, ensures dependable operation for part of the center not affected by shorting.
  • shielding against shorting with regulated grading for very short periods of time lag (50 ms), without regard to the actual level of grading.
  • LCD indication of the operating current on the control panel (without ampere meters and current transformers).

Cubicle dimensions and its structure with breakers:


Cubicle type with solidly built construction: OFF1, OFF2, OFF3, OFFD1 and OFFD2

Cubicles for cable lead-outs in solidly built version are equipped with circuit breakers 3RV, 3VF, Sentron or by disconnect safety fuses 3NP, 3NJ4. These cubicles are used for applications, where replacement under operating conditions is unnecessary or where short-term breakdowns are tolerable.
High degree of safety is achieved because of type tested (TTA) standard modules.
Any combination of the modular cable lead-outs is possible.
Rapid replacement thanks to the universal distribution collector driver.

Cubicle dimensions/ cubicle structure.

Cable connection from the back Cable connection from the right side


Shelf disconnect safety fuses 3NJ4, because of their compact construction and modular structure are suitable for optimal high stacking.
Cable outlets can be up to 630As / without current measurement.
In every cubicle can be installed altogether 25 outlets.
Fuse exchange is carried out in a “dead” state.

Cubicle dimensions/cubicle structure

Cable connection from the right side - Cable connection from the bottom


Cubicle type with plug-on construction of shelf circuit breakers 3NJ6: OFPD

Thanks to plug-on contact on the lead-in side and its compact construction, the modules secure a simple and fast conversion, without shutdown of switchboard.
High degree of safety is achieved by type tested standard modules (TTA).
Plug-on contacts on the lead-in side facilitate quick exchange.
High stacking is achieved (up to 34 outlets per cubicle).
Fuse exchange is carried out in a “dead” state.
Cable connection compartment is 400 mm or 600 mm wide
Shielding degree is up to IP40
Lead-out conversion can be done without shutdown of the system.

Cubicle type for idle power compensation: PFC

Based on the nature of loading, the cubicles are equipped with condenser modules, with or without damping (so-called shielded compensation)
Condenser modules are manufactured up to the size of 100 kVAr. They also comprise disconnect safety fuses, condenser contactors, output condensers MKK, discharge dampers alternatively filter dampers.
Cubicle width is 800 mm and with unprotected compensation the output is up to 500 kVAr per cubicle and with protected compensation the output is up to 350 kVAr.

Cubicle type for customer solutions: CCS1, CCS2, and CCS3

For solutions by customers there are available various installation components.
The cubicles are produced with 3 and 4 – pole vertical busbar systems and with rated current up to 1,200 A.
The maximum rated peak withstand current Icw is up to 65 kA.
Doors can be at the entire length of the cubicle or doors can be fitted foe individual compartments.

Cabinet dimensions / cabinet structure


Cubicle type with plug-on unit design: OFPM

Cubicles with plug-on module system are designed for protection of electric motors and lines.
Thanks to plug-on contacts at the supply side of the module it is possible safely disconnect individual feeders without shutdown of the entire distributor.

Modules are produced with fused and non-fused protection. Motor outgoing feeders are designed up to 250 kW, for line protection up to pre do 630 A. In the cubicle it is possible to place as much as 22 units.

Plug-on units up to do 630 A / cable feeder from the side.


Cubicle type with withdrawable unit design: OFW

Cubicles with withdrawable module systems are designed for protection of electrical motors and lines. Thanks to plug-on contacts at the supply side of the module it is possible safely disconnect individual feeders without shutdown of the entire distributor.
Motor feeders and for the protection of the lines are designed up to 630 A.
Module units are space-wise very economical with 100 mm (inside the cubicle is possible to place 17 units). For ale modules there is a standard operator interface. Cable connection compartment is located at front or at rear.

Withdrawable units up to 630 A/feeder

Cable connection right hand site Cable connection rear
Cubicle width 1000 mm Cubicle width 600 mm
Cubicle depth 600-1200mm Cubicle depth1000/1200 mm

Type- tested switchboard (TTA)

SIVACON is a type-tested switchboard (TTA). Its physical characteristics were designed in the rest laboratory for normal running conditions and for faulty situations. Final type testing provide the highest operating comfort and with optimal personal safety.
SIVACON has been verification tested in accordance with IEC 60439-1, DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 part 500):

Type testing:

  • Temperature increase limits verified by tests
  • Dielectric property verification by tests
  • Resistance against shorting verified by tests
  • Effective connection between unprotected conductive parts of the assembly verified by control or by measuring resistance
  • Resistance of the protective circuit against shorting verified by testing
  • Verification of tolerance and distances
  • Degree of protection verification

Each and every switchboard undergoes a usual running test prior to delivery:

  • Assembly check-up, including distribution and if necessary also production tests
  • Dielectric tests
  • Checking of the safety measures and electric connections of protective circuits

Safety requirements for SIVACON switchboards are guaranteed by series of details such as:

  • During the construction of withdrawable circuit breaker any running faults are solved by exact shaping of mechanical guides and locks
  • Use of only a few and particularly high quality materials (for example for busbar brackets, reinforcements and etc.)
  • Safe and dependable disconnection after between 70 ms and 100 ms, even in situation when a high time lag of 400 ms is set. This is achieved through 3WN disconnecter with regulation of short term grading
  • Computerized configuration assures trouble free selection and arrangement of items
  • Effective quality control


Technical Data


Standards and specifications

Type-tested switchboard (TTA) 

IEC 60439-1(1999), DIN EN 60439-1

(VDE 0660 Part 500)


Effect of shorts testing

IEC 61641, VDE 0660 Part 500, attachment 2

Distances and tolerances

Rated impulse tolerated Voltage (Uimp)

8 kV

Over Voltage Category




Degree of fouling



Rated isolation Voltage (Ui)


1000 V

Rated running voltage (Ue)


do 690 V

Rated currents (In)

Busbars (3-pole and 4-pole)

Main horizontal Busbars

Rated current

do 7400 A


Rated maximum peak withstand current (Ipk)

do 375 kA


Rated short term tolerated current (Icw)

do 150 kA, 1 s

do 120 kA, 3 s


Vertical Busbars for output circuit breakers

  Rated current 

do 6300 A


Rated short term tolerated current (Icw)


Vertical Busbars for fixed construction

Rated current

do 1400 A


Rated short term tolerated current (Icw)


Vertical Busbars for withdrawable construction

Rated current

do 2100 A


Rated short term tolerated current (Icw)


Vertical Busbars for detachable construction

Rated current

do 1200 A


Rated maximum peak withstand current (Ipk)

do 125 kA


Rated short term tolerated current (Icw)

do 50 kA, 1 s


 Rated currents for the switchboard


Output circuit breakers

do 6300 A


Feeder lead- outs

do 630 A

Internal division

From Form 1 to Forma 4

IEC 60439-1, div. 7.7, DIN EN 60439-1



galvanized / polyurethane varnish



galvanized / polyurethane varnish



polyurethane varnish

Protection degree

to IEC 60529, EN 60529

  IP 30 to IP 54



Height: 2200, 2600 mm (with busbar superstructure)


Width: 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm


Depth: 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm


Cubicles for customer solutions

For customer solutions there is available a freely programmable field with various components, in accordance with and subject to customer requirements.

Customer Solution parameters:

  • 3- and 4-pole vertical busbars
  • Rated current up to 800 A
  • Short term holding current Icw up to 65 kA
  • Doors for the entire surface or for individual compartments
  • Full system of installation components.


Proposal and production of SIVACON switchboards in CAE – CAD regime

Proposal and production of SIVACON 8PT switchboards has a huge support from the SIMARIS SIVACON software. The program works on the basis of a dialog between the executor and offered options for solution. The forerunner to the actual proposal by means of SIMARIS SIVACON is the evaluation of customer requirements in accordance with the following:

  • initial output of the equipment and the manner of feeding, and
  • character of exits, for example main lead-out for feeding of the sub-switchboard, motor lead-out or customer solved lead-out with given required output.

Based on the carried out order evaluation, SIMARIS SIVACON facilitates the following:

  • switchboard selection base don required output and current, instrumentation selection and type-tested modules, and
  • placement of modules into individual fields of the switchboard.

Subsequent to processing of the given data, the program makes available the following documentation:

  • frontal view of the switchboard with relevant number of fields including their setting, whereas there is also a possibility of processing the said in AutoCad program, and
  • bills of quantities for the mechanical construction of the switchboard, consisting from the frame and covers.

SIMARIS SIVACOM also provides cost calculation, by exploitation of its own data base regarding to production and erection costs and also makes it possible to transpose cost data of electrical instruments from other manufacturers.


Production of Modules and Dividing Interfaces

  • module production for cubicles of transmission relays
  • development and production dividers for solution of communication problems between various control systems.


Production, Modification and Processing of Mechanical Components

Metal sheet cutiing, max. dimmensions: width: 2500 mm, thickness: 4 mm
Metal sheet bending, max. dimmensions: width: 2500 mm, thickness: 4 mm
Division and perforation of Copper bars with pressure up to 400 kN
Arc-welding, thickness (sheet): from 2 to 4 mm, diameter (pipe): from 16 to 32 mm
Acetylene welding, thickness (sheet): up to 3 mm, diameter (pipe): from 15 to 30 mm
Welding in argon atmosphere, thickness (sheet): from 1.5 to 3 mm, diameter (pipe): from 12 to 24 mm
Surface finish treatment of parts: spraying with surface effect


Specialist Inspections and Specialist Testings

Regula Košice akciová spoločnosť holds the licence to perform Specialist Inspections and Specialist Testings of Electrical equipment in following scope:
Facilities with no danger of explosion
Facilities with danger of explosion
Appliances with voltage of more than 1000V up to 52kV, including lightning conductors.

REGULA Košice akciová spoločnosť