Subject of the Business
Main Areas of Activities
Operation Approvals and Permits
Subject of the Business
  • Commercial and Technical Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Tender and Offer Preparation
  • Order Evaluation and Processing
  • Basic Project
  • Preparation of Complete Project Documentation
  • Low-current and High-current Distribution
  • Production of Custom Made Switchboard up to 1,000 V
  • Production of Universal NN Switchboard SIVACON 8PT
  • Supply of Instrument Technology
  • Supply of Construction Material
  • Dismantling and Erection of Cable Routes and Impulse Lines
  • Dismantling, Erection and Refurbishment of Instruments, Switchboard and Control Systems
  • Software Creation, Implementation and Debugging
  • Individual Testing
  • Complex Testing
  • Test Operation
  • Warranty and Post-Warranty Tests
  • Electric Equipment Inspection
  • Warranty and Post-Warranty Service
  • Production of Mechanical Components
  • Turn Key Interior Architectural Solutions


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