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REGULA Kosice - Joint Stock Company came into existence in 1991, through partial transformation of the State owned corporation Elektromont Prague and its subsequent privatization. The company hence directly ties into and continues the thirty eight years old uninterrupted activities in the field of industrial automation and by application of state of the art approaches. It endeavors to provide services to the satisfaction of its clients. By size the company is ranked as a medium-large commercial organizations. It has a stable and structurally optimal number of expertly proficient permanent staff, which is flexibly supplemented by productive employees.

At the present moment REGULA Kosice - Joint Stock Company offers its services by two possible ways:

Services of Vertical Detachment comprise complex supply of advanced control systems, including full “turn key” instrumentation adapted to particular customer needs and conditions. Technical solutions are based on modern automation theories, optimization, logistics and safety of technical systems, taking into account minimization of environmental impact upon industrial activities. We achieve high quality of our service by comprehensive evaluation of the controlled process, by involvement of top project managers, selection of control systems from the most advanced worldwide producers and by responsible implementation, in accordance with and subject to, production practices of the customer.

Services of Horizontal Detachment comprise activities on the basis of individual professions, which we offer independently. This area also includes the production of switchgear based on our own or supplied documentation. Apart from customer requested switchgear, boxes, cabinets and control boards a significant place belongs to production of standard NN SIVACON switchboards, produced under the purchased SIEMENS license. REGULA Kosice - Joint Stock Company complied with stringent technical requirements associated with the licensing agreement pursuant to production of switchboards and became a Technology Partner to SIEMENS Corporation. This area of the business is a developing activity, which augments our traditional supply program in the field of automatic process control systems.

Within the framework of Horizontal Detachment Services, the company offers supply of specialized professional services such as designers, software specialists, electrical fitters, welders, service workers and etc. We also offer supply of instruments, equipment and assembly elements in accordance with customer requirements and or in accordance with our qualified recommendations.

REGULA Kosice - Joint Stock Company is ready to provide its services with dignity and responsibility to its customers and manage to comply with modern forms of co-operation with their commercial partners. The aim is to increase our competitiveness, both on the domestic and international markets.


Ing. Rudolf Krause
Director General

Corporate Structure


The internal Corporate Structure of the company is apparent from the above organizational chart. The Director General manages the company. The relevant departments are managed by Finance – Commercial and Technical Directors.

Corporate Structure


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